It’s been 3 days since XIA concert in Bangkok and my memory is starting to get vague but the emotions still linger. If you have a chance to watch Junsu live, don’t hesitate at all because he is too awesome for words. After going back to my country, I have watched some fancams from the Bangkok concert, hoping they could revive the awesome moments for me but they are not helping at all. Fancams really don’t give Junsu’s voice any justice whatsoever, they now all sound so flat to my ears. I wish I were rich enough to tour all over Asia with him T___T

My flight landed at 11.45am Sunday 27/05, in Bangkok and after going around the airport hopelessly to look for one of my friends, I took a metered taxi heading straight away to Siam Paragon where the concert is going to be held. By the time…

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