Dr. Jin Full Episode 3


Time Slip Dr. Jin live recap will begin TONIGHT on 10.pm. Don’t miss it!!!!

Can Jin Hyuk save Minister Kim? Will the epedemic spreading in the village bring Jin hyuk and Young Rae closer?
The story of modern times Dr. jin in Josoen Dynasty continues TONIGHT
Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk (JH)
Park MIn Young as Yoo MIna (future) / Hong Young Rae (Past)(YR)
Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak (KT)
Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung (HE)
Lee So Yeon as Choon Hoong (CH)
Time Lapse Dr Jin Ep 3 LIVE RECAP start now…..

The episode started on the execution scenes. Minister Kim fainted. The official doctor asked what happened to Minister Kim these few days. Minister Kim’s servant said Minister Kim slipped and hit his head few days ago. The official doctor said there’s nothing to worry…

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