• Nice stage… that looks like a web or ferris wheel…
  • The opening vcr shows Junsu at a swimming pool… Wow…


  • No Gain song and he’s also danced it!! So sexy!!! >_<
  • He said it is JUNSU TIME!!
  • He turned back and moved his BUTT!!! OMG!!!!
  • Fans asked Junsu to do angel Xia!! And he did it!!! SO CUTE!!!!
  • ANGEL XIA SO CUTE!!! First he just wanted to do it just one time but fans wanted him to do it again so he did it!!!
  • 알면서. He sang this song with Piano~~~ so beautiful voice ㅠㅠ
  • At the end of this song (Tarantallegra) he sat on the chair!!!!
  • TEASER ABOUT Making of TARANTALLEGRA. This teaser also shows how he prepared himself for this concert!! ^^
  • He looked so tired so staff brought the chair for him and then he drank some water!!
  • Fans said he’s so…

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