Translation of Junsu’s message:

Hello. I’m Junsu from JYJ. Now, Tarantallegra, my first solo album, has been released. The album includes 12 songs… I took part in producing the album and put various kinds of music from dance to ballad and R&B. One of the double title songs, Tarantallegra, is a sensational and powerful dance music, meaning a spell that makes people dance. And other of the double titles, Dislike Love, is a heartbreaking ballad missing one’s lover. I made many efforts in preparing… for you… Have a good time in Caffe Bene.

*Parts omitted due to the noise

You can listen to the audio of the message here

Credit: Caffebene + DC TVXQ Gall + Xiah Press
Translation by: Chocolato in Xiah Press
Shared by:JYJ3

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