[TRANS] @mindgood: JYJ Kim Jaejoong ^^ RT @mjjeje Everyone, do take part in the General Election. Show me the proof shot (of you having voted)~^^

[TRANS] @JUNGHOPARK: JYJ Kim Jaejoong encouraged the election. ‘Role model singer’ verified! If all JYJ fans who are able to vote participate in the voting,
the voter turnout can easily pass 70%~ Tomorrow, you will all vote right? I, the ‘role model journalist’, will also probably vote!

[TRANS] @JUNGHOPARK: I tweeted about JYJ Kim Jaejoong encouraging the election JYJ and a JYJ fan mentioned me
that they were doing a campaign to collect all the proof shots. As expected, by ‘role model singer”s side,
there are ‘role model fans’~ Please participate to the election tomorrow.
‘Role model journalist’ Park Jungho of Oh my news will also participate haha

Source: @JUNGHOPARK + @mindgood
Translated by: The_little_Pear of JYJ3

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