[TRANS]  I love you!^^ My dongsaeng is a man who has the most beautiful laugh in the world! A man with~such a happy smile~~♥♥

Credit: Prince JJ 
Trans by: Yule @ PrinceJJ.com
Shared by: JYJ3



3:43pm: 이래서연예인들이 우울하고 자살하고!조울증에 우울증 걸리는거다! 나도30이넘어서 조금만화가나면 화내고생각정도는 할수있는사람인데말이지~말이사생이지~내가생각할땐저승사자나 스토커다!아침에재중이의 카톡문구보고 너무놀라 가슴이철렁거렸다~

This is the reason why celebrities get depressed and commit suicide! This is the reason why they become bi-polar or get depressed! I am past my 30’s yet when I get a little mad my anger will just build up~ They’re sasaeng yet I think they rather are Grim Reapers or stalkers! When I heard Jaejoong’s mention on Kakao Talk I was really surprised and my heart skipped a beat.

3:47pm: 많은단어와 많은표현이있지만~재중이가쓴이 글귀가 세상에서제일 무섭고 우울해보이는것은 왜일까? 3살짜리꼬마도. 자기가하고싶은걸못하게하면 성질도내고 감정표현할수있는데말이지~나하나 즐겁다고!모든이의가슴에 피멍들게하는 사람들~

Even though there are so many words and expressions, why is it that Jaejoong’s…

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