Dear everyone,

With your continued trust and support for PrinceJJ, we were able to carry out the following projects since we started this site in June 2011:

  • PTB: Rice wreath donation for Jaejoong during Protect the Boss press conference [LINK]
  • PTB: Bus stop Ads and LED Ads for Protect the Boss (with Jaetime) [LINK]
  • Jaejoong’s Solo Fanmeet in Shanghai (with RockJJ): Green lightsticks, wristbands, fans (mini goods) [LINK]
  • JYJ Mango Tree Project with World Vision (10,000,000 Won) [LINK]
  • JYJ Concert in South America support with RockJJ and JJAddiction (funded and to be carried out during the S. America concerts) [LINK]

We also previously announced our plan to give gifts to Jaejoong on behalf of Jaejoong’s International Fans .  With contributions received from generous fans of Jaejoong from all over the world [List of Donors] , we were able to carry out this…

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